The best beach vacations in India for the 2023 spring festival

The best beach vacations in India for the 2023 spring festival, here is a list of the best beach destinations in India.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala

This beach is known for its spectacular scenery, as well as its three adjacent beaches, which means you can visit more places in one day.

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Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

This beach, with turquoise blue water and white sand, not only provides visitors with plenty of space, but it is also one of the best places for sunbathing and sea bathing.

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Candolim Beach, Goa

Aside from its lovely setting, this beach is known for the presence of Aguada Fort, which was built by the Portuguese in 1912.

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Puri Beach, Odisha

This beautiful beach is still a sacred place for pilgrims who come to pay homage to Lord Jagannath. This palm-fringed beach is a popular destination for both domestic and international visitors.

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Dhanushkodi Beach, Tamil Nadu

Dhaushkodi Beach, which is bordered by the Indian Ocean on one side and the Bay of Bengal on the other, is a visual treat that offers spectacular views of the turquoise blue sea.

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Ganpatipule Beach, Maharashtra

This unspoiled beach is one of the best places to visit in Maharashtra, attracting an endless number of beach lovers and peace seekers.

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Digha Beach, West Bengal

It is a year-round tourist destination, but the main draw is the breathtakingly beautiful sunset views it provides.

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Yarada Beach, Andhra Pardesh

It's one of the country's safest and cleanest beaches, and the surrounding area is densely forested with banana and coconut plantations.

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Agonda Beach, Goa

A visit to this location will bring you closer to Goa's romantic side. With its vast expanse of sparkling sand and swaying palm trees, you won't notice how quickly time passes when you're here.

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