Do you know about these international road trips from India?

Do you know about these international road trips from India, check out all these places you can visit, grab your travel documents, hop into your cars, and set off on the most intoxicating.


Vietnam entices with its lush greenery and breathtaking scenery. To enter Vietnam by road from India, you will need an international driving license, carnet, and an e-visa.


Indians must travel through Myanmar to Thailand via Moreh. This trip necessitates the use of an international driving license, permit, e-visa, and any necessary permits.


From India, you can drive to Nepal via the Sunauli border. A valid passport, driver's license, and identification card are required. It is a visa-free country for Indian passport holders, making travel very simple.


Phuntsholing allows you to take a road trip to one of the world's happiest countries; a vehicle pass, driving license, valid passport, and entry permit are required. Visitors from India do not require a visa to visit Bhutan.


 It is surprisingly undiscovered by tourists, and it is ideal for a road trip from India. All you need for this trip is a carnet, an international driving permit, and a valid Indian passport (required for visa).


A road trip from India to Italy sounds ambitious, but it is certainly doable. The most popular route for this trip is from India to China, through Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, and finally Italy.


Malaysia has beautiful beaches, coasts, and landscapes to offer. A road trip from India to Malaysia requires an international driving license, carent, and a single-entry visa.


A road trip to Myanmar from Manipur would require an overland permit, visa, customs import permit, and MMT permit. This trip also necessitates the acquisition of special permits.

Sri Lanka

A road trip to Sri Lanka from India requires arriving at Tamil Nadu's tuticorin port and having their vehicle transported to the colombo port.


You can also take a road trip from India to this mystical country. This trip requires a special overland permit, an international driving license, a Chinese visa, and Tibetan permits.

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