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DPS Lava Nagpur believes Education is all about fostering and nurturing with gentle care the most important asset of this country – the human capital. DPS Lava Nagpur is a caring community of learners that fosters pride in each student’s developing abilities while promoting social development. We build the essence of community each day in every classroom touching all our students. The students are proud of their school. Our motto, ‘Service Before Self’ underpins the vision to raise all student as compassionate human beings. The education programme of the school aspires to cultivate minds that learn how to think and not what to think. At DPS Lava, the focus is on equipping students with a skill set that will enable them to adapt to the ever dynamic world around them and succeed in any field of their choice.
The working of the school is governed by certain core values. All endeavours are guided by honesty and a deep sense of commitment to the vision of the school. Openness, Transparency, Respect and Compassion are values that characterise every interaction and communication. Every effort is made to inculcate these same values in the students. The school encourages and nurtures constant learning and strives to fulfil its commitment to excellence.

At DPS education is all about self-discovery.Extra Curricular activities to develop well rounded personalities Studies have been conducted on the relationship between extracurricular activities and academic performance, and they all show that students who participate in them have higher grades, more positive attitudes toward school and higher academic aspirations. ECA allows students to explore interests and create broader perspectives and build self-esteem. Extracurricular activities give “real world” skills like Goal setting, Teamwork, Time Management, Problem Solving, Analytical Thinking, Leadership and Public Speaking. Supporting and nurturing these skills is crucial to development of strong academic and lifelong problem solving skills. KHOJ- Self Discovery, School Cinema, Quality Circle Time, Activity and Theme based learning, Fantasy Area and Learning Centres for pre-primary are a few initiatives that provide opportunities for imbibing values, attitude and life skills and promote holistic development.

Field Visits and Tours
Field trips are recognized as important moments in learning. These are shared social experiences that provide the opportunity for students to encounter and explore novel things in an authentic setting. Excursions bring in a lot of excitement to the school routine. It is something that children look forward to and carry the experiences for long time to come. Besides hands-on-learning, Field trips provide the opportunity to explore beyond their regular environment. As part of the Experiential Learning Programme, students are taken to various places – GPO, Super market, Farm, Archaeological Survey of India, Sericulture Department, Police Station, HDFC Bank just to name a few.

Classroom Dynamism
Initiatives like Class Pyramid, Quality Circle Time, Class Password, Class Mascot, Star of the Week foster peer learning and help break the mindset that only academic excellence is appreciated and rewarded at school. We at DPS Lava, believe that every child brings a unique quality to the classroom. Every child is a star. With these initiatives, the child receives classroom recognition, which defines the child’s individuality, helps build self-esteem and an affirmation that one is loved for what one is.
Education is all about becoming good human beings.

Innovative Programs and Clubs
“Every child is gifted…They just unwrap their packages at different times!”
In the day to day school routine it may not be possible to unravel special talents. At DPS Lava, Clubs provide a platform where special talents are nurtured. Music, Dance, Art and Craft, Good-Housekeeping, Maths Club, Fun with Science, English Literary Club, Robotics, Quiz Club are various clubs where students blossom.

Library and Reading program
The Read and Grow programme at the school is aimed at inculcating the habit and love for reading. The school library is vibrant and has become a favourite place. The success of the Read and Grow programme is such that students have become avid readers, their language skills have improved and so has their confidence.
“Books break the shackles of time. Books are proof humans can work magic.” – Carl Sagan.
Books are central to our lives. They open up world’s remote to us and bind us to different thoughts and cultures.
Book-buzz is an annual event that showcases the Read and Grow programme, celebrates books and spreads love for reading.

 From Principal’s Desk… 

The curriculum is transacted with the presumption that each child has the potential to excel and the true work of the school is to recognize this quality and provide space to blossom. The curriculum is based on the guidelines laid down by NCERT and aims to help students explore, discover, enrich themselves and grow.

Efforts are made by the teachers to understand the needs of each student, help choose techniques that would work for them and thereby ensure a takeaway for every child. Technology is an integral part of teaching – learning process here; and very classroom has a smart board.

At DPS Lava students are encouraged to articulate and express their opinions and ideas. Theme –based morning assemblies provide a platform to every student to step up and speak. Events like the Annual Function, Sawan Mela, Culrav, Pratiswara encourage 100% participation and go a long way in having a positive effect on the self-confidence and self- esteem of every student.

At DPS LAVA, students imbibe self-belief; learn to value themselves. Each student is accepted unconditionally. Students are able to connect with others, set positive goals and challenges. Each child , at DPS Lava grows, for DPS Lava is a school that cares.

Let’s hear it from Parents…
Perfect Schooling
“We stopped searching for a school when we met the Principal of DPS Lava. It is the perfect destination for children. It is a place where 360 degree care is taken regarding moral, social and psychological well being of the child”
Dr. Shardul Wagh, a parent
Holistic Learning
“DPS Lava has raised the bar in education and has successfully given an option to those parents who were searching for quality education in competitive fee structure. The infrastructure is great for a holistic learning of a child, amidst green surroundings with the banyan tree Amphitheatre.”
Dr. Santosh Tiwari, a parent

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